Raise Healthy Eaters in The New Year

Here is a wonderful article by Nadine and Adam who speak out about raising our awareness about eating well, educating children and producing healthier kids, which I am all for. I applaud their efforts!

How About Them Apples?


KidsEatRight.org                 Raise Healthy Eaters in the New Year

Ring in a healthy new year by teaching kids the importance of food, nutrition and eating skills: food to fuel busy, successful lives; nutrition to nourish strong bodies and smart brains; and eating skills to enjoy the social aspect of meals with family and friends. As with any part of raising children, no one does a perfect job with nutrition—not even nutrition professionals. As a parent, grandparent or adult caregiver, you can help to raise healthy eaters during these critical years by doing your best to:

  • Serve regular, balanced meals and snacks with a variety of nutrient-rich foods
  • Provide calm, pleasant meal times where adults and children can talk together
  • Allow children to use their internal signals to decide how much and what to eat
  • Explore a variety of flavors and foods from different cultures and cuisines
  • Share an appreciation for…

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