How to Eat for a Healthy Immune System by PurelyElizabeth & a Fantastic Healthy Salad

Here is a fantastic post by Purelyelizabeth about how to eat for a healthy immune system, and also a colorful and delicious salad.
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

eat purely. live purely.

It’s that time of year where everyone seems to be coming down with something. Rather than turn to your medicine cabinet for aid, look for nutrient-rich foods instead to keep your immune system strong and prevent illness.

According to David Katz, M.D., M.P.H., director of the Yale Prevention Research Center in New Haven, CT – “There’s no question the immune system fundamentally is influenced by overall health — and a balanced diet is key. Not only are essential nutrients critical for the production and maintenance of key germ-fighting cells in the immune system, but a balanced diet also has a strong effect on vascular function, and the immune system is dependent on blood flow,” Katz says.

5 Tips on How to Eat for a Healthy Immune System:

1. Load up on fruits and vegetables (especially those rich in Vitamins A and C).

2. Eat antioxidant rich foods. Look for foods rich…

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