Mrs Dash Lemon Pepper Blend-Polly’s Picks Rated Best Product of the Month


This one is the best tasting Lemon Pepper I have ever had in my life.
There is no comparison to any others that you might have had prior to this. You will be putting it on steamed vegetables, as I did for my dinner tonight, and you can add it to Tuna Patties, Fish Chowder and well, the list goes on.

Instead of adding fat you can add flavor instead. This goes along with my completely revamped, healthy diet and life style. I have lost 80 pounds and I like the me I am but with products like this one, it will make it really enjoyable to “carve my curves!”

Paulette Le Pore Motzko



It is an awesome product.
I am going to tell the makers of Mrs. Dash that and see show them what I have been making with it.

Polly’s Picks rates this the number one product of the month, with my personal endorsement. of its excellence.