Healthier Ways of Thinking About Eating by Hayley Jane Food in “My Food Challenge”

Your attitude is your single most valuable asset and Hayley illustrates that beautifully in her post about how to think about food.

Here is a great article by Hayley Jayne Food in “My Food Challenge” I thought I would share with all my readers.
Great job!
Paulette Le Pore Motzko

My Food Challenge


My Food Challenge is as much about me exploring ingredients and recipes, as it is about me exploring my relationship with food. I don’t think it would be honest of me to write about my relationship with food, without telling you about a low point in my life, when food wasn’t my friend. I may love food now, but I haven’t always… 

About ten years ago, I fell out of love with food. Aged 14(ish), after a diet of frozen meals, sweets and take-away dinners, I was curvier than I would have liked. Teamed with a teenage girl’s skewed view of herself, I had the perfect recipe for an anorexia disaster.

I still remember the day my form tutor took me outside of the classroom during form time in year 10 for a ‘chat’. She told me that she was awfully worried about my weight, my legs were far too…

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