Doughnuts are kind of an odd theme running through my life right now. I take that back…it’s been a year. I couldn’t even tell you how many doughnut flavors have been discussed lately (at least 50 in the past weekend alone). As much planning as has gone into the doughnut phase, there is little execution to be boasted. So, when my doughnut-collaborator’s wife had a birthday breakfast, the only logical thing to do was to make doughnuts. Birthday cake doughnuts!


I’m not sure whether to put this in the regular annals of Zest it Up or banish it to the far reaches of our “Messed it Up” category. See, this recipe was really pretty good (judging by the number of doughnuts that seemed to magically disappear the night before we served them), but it needs some improvement. Or I need some technique—that’s probably it. I think that I overbeat…

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