Single Serving Blackberry Brownie


The last few weeks my boyfriend’s mother’s garden has literally been saturated with blackberries. Luckily she’s been very generous allowing us to pick as many as we wanted. The bounteous crop we pulled in has led to the addition of blackberries to at least one meal a day (usually more) and as a result I have found some new favorite recipes that I will have to splurge and buy out of season blackberries for when the urge hits.

My favorite has been blackberry brownies.

Ooey, gooey, decadent, rich, sweet, tart, and dare I say, healthy!

Yup that’s right! This wondrous treat clocks in at less than 200 calories (even with the addition of some whipped cream)!

The fruit and chocolate combination has always been one of the most delectable food pairings for me. Terry’s milk chocolate oranges are still my favorite type of chocolate. So much so that I will…

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