Dining at The Whole Foods Market…A Healthy Way of Living


Tonight my friends at Whole Foods outdid themselves with tender and delicious Turkey Tetrizzini, Roasted Vegetable Penne Pasta, BABY SPINACH SALAD WITH BALSAMIC DRESSING, and the vibrant hues of the Roasted Vegetables gild the plate as though they were jewels.

Come eat dinner at The Whole Foods Market.

Families can all choose what they like mothers and fathers will rest assured their kids are getting balanced nutrition with produce from local farmers, fish caught in ways where dolphins and whales are not harmed and meat, chicken and pork is served hormone free.

It isn’t just Whole Foods Market but a way of living and a healthy philosophy.

Did you know the seafood section will cook anything for you for free? They will!

Did you know you can buy anything in our frozen section and prepare it in our microwave to enjoy while watching a show on one of our plasma TVs? You can!

Talk about dinner and a movie….every day you can take your family out to dinner and have a different meal every night without repitions or worrying about leftovers.

After all, we only have one planet, let’s take care of it and ourselves.

Did you know Whole Foods has one of the most fabulous bakeries around and all the breads are baked with organic unbleached flour, and in most cases whole wheat flour? They are.

Try Miss Polly’s personal favorite the focaccia bread in two large loaves. What amazing sandwiches they produce.
I love this place so I wrote this ad to encourage more people to try it out and enjoy.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko