Share Your Easy Recipes You’ve Made With No Kitchen?


If you have stayed in a budget motel as I have, such as Motel 6 or the latest Westminster Motor Inn, neither have the luxury of a kitchen

How do you do it?

What things can you buy making it easy to make meals that are good for your family so you can not eat out as much?


1. Crock Pot for Two or Four by Rival- This was a discovery I made when I was at Target on Katella in Stanton. For ten bucks I am able to buy fresh vegetables, poultry, meat etc and then make delicious homemade meals without having to rely on TV dinners or canned food.


2. Large digital crock pot that goes on low power automatically when done.


3. Aroma Water Kettle: This trusty gadget will be used every day even when you aren’t roughing it in a hotel or camping.
This device enabled me to make oatmeal in the morning, ramen dishes (minus the salty packages), French press coffee, Melita coffee, hot chocolate and tea. I found mine at Target for about $30.



Ingredients for Miss Polly’s Caprese Focaccia Sandwich

1. Slice a loaf of Whole Foods Market Focaccia Loaf into fairly thick slices the width of loaf. (sold in huge loaves of two)

2. Spread bread with 365 Organics Basil Pesto

3. Slice very ripe and juicy tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and layer the tomato & mozzarella slices on the bread in red and white.

4. Top with fresh basil leaves and enclose in another piece of focaccia.

Anyone that tries this will never ever realize it was created with no fridge, no stove and is healthy, organic & vegetarian.

With these trusty pieces of equipment in your arsenal, you will be able to eat in more often, save major moolah, and wake up and have a cup of really good coffee without running to the local coffee place.

There is more that will be added to this article, but for now this is a good beginning on my Android MyTouch phone.

Paulette Le Pore Motzko
June 16th, 2013
130 a.m.