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Our boat (or ship, you choose), had four eating areas, the pool area (which was normally too cold for us), a buffet restaurant, a sit-down main dining room, and a steak house. We usually took breakfasts at the buffet restaurant because we were rushing off to some day excursion.

Our first day on board, after a quick lunch, we got to our cabins and crashed. I got up a little earlier and started to explore. At the pool area, there were grilling meats, vegetables, and shrimp as an afternoon “snack”.

This was before we left the dock. I definitely could get used to this. Alas, for the duration of the trip, we were either not on board for afternoon snack time, or they had different selections. Sigh.

Although some of the breakfast selections changed during the cruise, a lot didn’t. The staples I remembered were eggs, pickled herring, and smoked…

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