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I grew up in Africa surrounded by some wonderful food experiences.  One of those was samosas.  We would often have to make a trip from one town to another that would be about 3 hours.  I always liked that about an hour from home we would often stop to get chicken pies from a nice shop (that I still dream about sometimes), or the butcher to get some biltong (a type of beef jerky) and boravorse, or stop at a little dump of a cafe to buy some samosas.  It was known that these samosas were the best.

SamosasI also remember as a kid being shooed out of kitchens full of women chatting away as they rolled out the breading for samosas.  It was a big ordeal to fix them for a large group of people…well, bigger than making a large stew pot for them.  So, I quickly found an…

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