Sausage And Greens Soup


Sausage And Greens Soup

Making soup is one of my ideal procrastination activities. It’s typically a lot of methodical chopping, mindless stirring and sautéing and it uses up lots of ingredients from the fridge—making it look like I cleaned (bonus!).
I can sit down to a dinner of delicious soup and some bread, and glare at my procrastinated to-do list with a smug look, saying, “I’ve accomplished something today and you can’t do anything about it.”

The to-do list usually doesn’t respond. It just sits silently waiting.


This healthy, awesome soup doesn’t take a lot of chopping, or time. It takes less than 15 minutes to prepare everything and you walk away and let it simmer.
Totally easy for a weeknight meal. With hearty greens like collard, kale and escarole now available pre-washed, chopped and bagged in the produce section, it’s even faster.

So much for procrastinating.


Sausage And…

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