Miss Polly’s Easy Gringo Style Asada Tacos

This is so easy it isn’t even a recipe but delicious and lean and something even the busiest of people can make.

Polly Motzko

1 and a half pounds ground turkey (hormone & antibiotic free)
3 Tablespoons Rival Crock Pot Chili Seasoning
A little minced garlic, to taste
A little chopped purple onion, to taste
1/4 cup water
I added about 2 cups of mixed small dice veggies (either frozen or canned like Vegall) at the end of cooking and simmering. Makes these even more healthy for ya.

Brown turkey in non stick skillet or pan with a slight amount of canola oil or non stick spray.
Add the water, seasoning, and onion & garlic-if desired-  and thoroughly blend so as to cover all the meat evenly, then continue to cook.

Spoon inside Mission hard corn taco shells

Top with your choice of salsa and sour cream or casa crema and cilantro & enjoy!