Grain Free Peasant Bread

gluten free zen


I’ve tested, tweaked, researched, asked for advice, used an ungodly amount of ingredients, and thrown away numerous recipe attempts in search of that one wonderful recipe that could really be worthy of being called, “bread”. And it was all worth it. I’ve finally found what I think are the right measurements and combination of items that  transform into a bread that I absolutely love. The second best part next to having a delicious bread we can sink our teeth into: the recipe is basic and can be used numerous ways with just a few little additions or subtractions. Hallelujah and amen.


I’m sure I’ve told you in the past my least favorite thing about being grain free is the use of mass quantities of nut flours, coconut flour, and eggs. I cannot stand the texture of nut flours and since I’ve been on an elimination diet, I now see clearly that…

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