Lean Microwave Meatloaf

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This meatloaf recipe is one of my personal favorites, so I spent some time revamping it and photographing the finished product. I’m learning quite a bit about food photography, but making meatloaf look good in a picture is one heck of a challenge. My mom came over while I was working on it and teased me for the studio setup I had around a big hunk of meat I had on a plate. But I’m happy with the outcome.

Lucky for me, this meatloaf is super easy to cook up, so at least that step didn’t take long.

You literally throw a bunch of ingredients together and microwave them.

Out comes a surprisingly moist, tasty meatloaf and you can have a big slice of it too!

Lean Microwave Meatloaf in 10 Minutes verticalWhen I read about microwaving meatloaf by adding marinara sauce to retain the moisture, I had to give it a shot. And of course…

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