Unleash the Quiche in You…

Loving Leisure Time

“The classic quiche – no longer a vestige of 1970’s naffness”

-Ruby Tandoh

A Quiche Lorraine was always the centre-piece of our family buffet table; homemade and tasty, hot or cold.

These days, a quiche can be put together simply and for any mid week meal, especially if the pastry cases are made in advance. I really like making this savoury supper using a variety of ingredients; seasonal vegetables, cheeses, cold cuts of meat, chicken and sausage. Fresh herbs can be used to enhance the flavour of crust and the egg custard filling That’s why I like this dish! It’s so versatile, because anything can go in, whatever you fancy or have left over in the fridge.

Here is my recipe using some of last week’s Maple Glazed Ham.

My short crust pastry was pre-made and I used two 15cm flan tins.



  • 150g short crust pastry
  • 1tbs basil infused…

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