Sometimes Happiness is Just a Bowl (of chips) Away: Parmesan Crisp

From Inspector Gorgeous comes this cute posy about Parmesan Crisps…..

Polly Motzko

Inspector Gorgeous

It’s a funny thing about food and life

in that our eating patterns and our emotional state are utterly connected at all times. The good, bad, happy, or sad…you get the picture. It all seems to be tied directly to our food choices.

“Ugh, rush hour traffic. I need Taco Bell” 


“Happy Birthday, cake.”  But in a sultry tone, maybe even a wink, because that’s how envision talking to cake. 

The fact still remains that even though wolfing down T-Bell will leave you feeling a different kind of emotion about an hour after consumption, that impulse still has you “running for the boarder”.  

Or in my case, stalking lonely pieces of cake. 

A solution, you ask? I’m not 100% sure. There are about eight million fitness and health articles out there that can give you tips to deal with emotional eating but I’ve found that…

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