A spark of memory (pretzel logic)

Peace, Love and Patchouli

Funny how it goes
A word
A phrase
Brings a spark of a memory
Long forgotten.
A song sends my mind into yesterday
Large places of bright lights
A child holding his hand
Money exchanged for warm curled dough
Two cups of liquid
Mustard and cheese to accompany
The white salt crusted delicacy.
Scent of yeast rise to my nose
As my hand warm from paper wrappers
And I follow him, piece by piece ripped
And dipped
Into one or the other
And the yellow dripping from his chin
As he chews slowly
Savoring each bite.
I try the one,
Yuck, not a fan of spice,
As the bite slides down my throat with a burn
And my eyes grow wide
To realize
Nope, mustard is not the flavor for me.
But hot cheese mellow
Oozing and gooey orange
I break into a grin with the delight
Wonder abound at…

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