Cooking: Coronation Chicken


I’ve loved this dish for years and it’s now become a firm favourite of Biker Dude’s as well. There’s a lot of variation of this recipe and many of them are what I call “too faffy”. Many call for fresh apricots but I find they’re too overpowering and I’ve never been fond of their texture.

This recipe is very basic, using store cupboard ingredients. I use medium curry powder but obviously if you like it hotter, use a stronger strength. If you don’t have powder, a paste works just as well. The sweet chilli sauce is optional, but I’ve found that it adds a certain oomph. Take a look in the world food aisle of your supermarket. Many stock the KTC range. My Sainsbury’s stocks the huge bottles of KTC Sweet Chilli Sauce for £1.50 and it’s far nicer than any other I’ve tried. I always have skinless chicken breasts…

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