Savory Spice Shop in Corona del Mar and the Corona Del Mar Shopping Center. A Cornucopia of Quality, Hand Blended Herbs Spices & Flavorings

Where I live in Southern California, (that I really miss now in the hot, dusty desert of Las Vegas, Nevada ), I used to go to one of my favorite places the Corona del Mar shopping center. When I would go there would be better than Disneyland and way cheaper too . And it was the Newport Beach Library at Avenue, where the best most comprehensive libraries in the entire system – and adjacent to it are a myriad of really beautiful special stores.

If I dig through the thousands the photographs on my laptop I will find Pictures taken outdoors at the beautiful Peet’s Coffee Tea coffee shop there. I used to sit outside by the beautiful fountain after I get my coffee and do my writing work. Down the way from there is the favorite  is the Savory Herb Spice Shop.
SUR LA TABLE- where I get a who professional discount I know the general manager, is in the shopping center as well at 2000 Avocado Avenue Newport Beach California. Bristol Farms, a high end specialty market with the best deli in the world with chefs all over the world employed there-homemade pasta and amazing teas and coffees, pasta sauce and other gourmet items await you when you walk through their doors.

It’s one of the most unique, full service herb spice and flavoring stores that I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s very special because every spice and seasonings hand blended and made in small batches. The owners who I met but I wanted to write a feature story for a new photographs for and help them market their products – but it never seem to ever go anywhere are really nice. I love their triple winning way of thinking live caring about the environment and sustainable issues.

For instance, if you bring in the bottles that are empty back to Savory Spice Company they will fill them up again for discount with Moore if so if you’re not having to put another bottle in the trash and they are not having to buy one! That’s an example of the phenomenal store. When you see just the right even know that you can get in there, you won’t believe it.

Some of my personal favorites are:

Bouquet garni
Roasted Garlic Powder
Salt free Italian Seasoning
Salt Free Cajun seasoning
Pure vanilla bean from Madagascar
Vanilla sugar
Seafood seasoning
And many more…

I’ll have to write down the rest of them that are in my kitchen!

I recently made some Cajun salmon soft tacos with chipotle mayonnaise and they were out of this world, & I made them with a sultry Cajun seasoning rubbed on a piece of farm raised salmon. I then baked it in the oven for well until it’s done, and served it with warmed corn tortillas and some craft Chipotle reduced fat mayonnaise and they were out of this world!

Re read the story of my cooking site called cooking up a storm all over the world

When I was searching recipes from all over the world, as I do everyday I study in another one that looks phenomenal and it was created with an herb mixture from Savory Spices too! I became friends with the young lady who created her cooking site, and she’s wanting to order more and of course I would be down there in a hot second cuz I love in Southern California, just so I could afford it on my own!
When I make enough money to move back I’ll be there in a flash!

The contact info for Savory Spice Herb Spice Shop is

Phone 1-877-677-3322
928 Avocado Avenue, Newport Beach, CA

The link that I included take you to every herb and spice the carry in the shop in alphabetical order. This will make it easy to see their vast selection and easy to order, because I will be and I will be making them sales by sharing this post that will be aired on my cooking site, Facebook and Twitter.

I hope to meet the owners when I travel back to southern California. My boyfriend Andrew is talking about visiting for my birthday coming up in 2 weeks. That would be heaven.


My Cajun Salmon Soft Tacos with Chipotle Mayonnaise created with Savory Spice Herb Spice Shop’s Salt free Cajun Seasoning.

They could pay me to just make new recipes for them for their extraordinary products! I would love to write a Feature Story and conduct an interview and shoot high definition photos for them. Hopefully in the future…

For the Corona del Mar, California area the contact info is here

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