Miss Polly’s Fiesta Salad in a Jar


I love the concept of the salad in a jar idea because you can vary it thousands of ways.

By using your imagination YOU CAN CREATE COUNTLESS, FUN, inventive combinations.

You can make salad ahead of time or the night before and carry it in a Thermal carrier with an ice pack.

You can use a mason jar or do like I did-
Take large jar that had Nescaffe
Coffee in it, run it through the hot dishwasher to get the label off and clean it out and then, like magic, it transforms into “The Jar”. Little does the plain little jar know but it will carry countless, delectable, taste tempting whole meal salads for you every day and be one of your best friends.

I’m a firm believer and using what you have before you buy more.

Repurposing is a good thing. We all should to try to do it more often when we can. It has a great effect on what our environment and will save you money too.

Continuing with a how to for the salad:

Add your dressing on the bottom. YOU HAVE YOUR CHOICES OF A TINY BIT OF REGULAR DRESSING OR WAY MORE OF THE DELICIOUS FAT FREE DRESSINGS too. I like to do is use FRESH, FABULOUS SALSAS as the dressing. It’ll make you want to dance the samba or tango and will make your taste buds wake up from the dead!

I made mine with some Guadajillo salsa from Cardenas supermarkets here in Las Vegas Nevada. I bought some when I went to the store last time and got some fresh hot tortillas from their tortilleria. One of the sweet ladies who proudly makes their great tortillas let me try some, since I asked for MILD….rather than “muey Caliente! ” It’s a cross between guacamole and tamatillo salsa, which is a great combo. I might add!

Add a prudent amount of dressing or salsa to the bottom of the jar, then put your hard vegetables like carrots, celery, onion, broccoli, cauliflower, to the bottom on top the dressing. In my case, I used a black bean & corn salsa that I made.

I added that to the top of some steamed mixed vegetables that I had made a few days before (with the sole purpose of making these salads in a jar.)

The California style vegetables are one of my favorites, and Cardenas, Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods Market and Wal Mart have a fantastic selection of veggies and fresh things to give your salad zip.
Feel free to add whatever beautiful, fresh vegetable one you want.


My doctor told me years ago everybody should eat a minimum of 4 cups of vegetables a day. Doing so you lower your risk of contractong cancer and other problems.

Back to the Fiesta SALAD in a jar. I should have called it Fiesta meal in a jar because that’s really what that is

On top of that if you want to add if you cheese of some kind, go lightly with it. If you’d like pecans or walnuts, almonds or raisins or dried cranberries go sparingly. Most are high in potassium and fiber. Last but not least comes the l lettuce or spinach.

Put the lettuce or baby spinach leaves on the top.

Spinach is very high in fiber is very good for you with vitamin K and lots of antioxidants, just like kale.

Add that to the top and then close the jar.

Then the beautiful thing will sit there waiting for you until you’re really hungry the next day or whenever and you need a self-contained, portable, healthy and delicious meal.

You can even add cooked rice to it or pasta that’s been cooked. If you add it put it on top the dressing, so it will be coated with sauce when you invert the jar.
This is eating just like a main course rather than a salad .
Hope you enjoy this article but I wrote about making your own main dish salad in a jar. Until next time, this is Polly Motzko wishing you a delicious day!


Paulette L Motzko
Polly Motzko
January 8th, 2016
3:54 p.m.