The 5 Best Gluten-Free Flours and What to Do With Them

Thinking About Gradually Going Gluten Free

Written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko
Copyright January 2016

The great article by Phoebe Lapine has me thinking seriously of a gluten free diet, which would be a radical change.
And because I love baking, seems like it would be cutting out huge part of my life.

As all decisions, I have to educate myself, before I can say a resounding yes.

I’m contemplating the prospect of going gluten-free and I’m just trying to get information on what I would substitute for whole grain wheat flour. I just bought 5 pound brand new gorgeous wonderful sack of Gold Medal 100 hundred percent whole wheat flour. I love baking bread and not just baking bread, but artisan breads from other countries. 
Where would Carol Field’s awesome book “The Italian Baker” go? I just have no idea what the baked products come out like made with rice flour, quinoa flour, chickpea flour come out like. These flowers be used interchangeably with whole wheat flour?

Today it seems like going gluten-free would be like the world was off limits…. not really, but I would have to get used to living without a lot if things that centered around “wheat”…more than you think.

I’ve read so many articles about why a gluten free diet helps things like joint problems and arthritis and is healthier and better to avoid gluten. not just for gluten intolerant people.

I would love any of you who are on a gluten free diet to contribute to this article and write your feelings in the comment box. I want to be healthy and I want to live a long time. I have some arthritis in my knee and my left hand have some joint trouble so if I thought I could be pain free or more pain free by changing my diet I would do it. Also I felt that the gluten-free diet would help me metabolize my food differently and be easier to maintain my weight, I would really consider it.

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