Watch “No-Knead Mediterranean Olive Bread (Easy… No Mixer… No Yeast Proofing)” on YouTube

What a fantastic bread that Steve made! This is so easy and I’ve never seen the technique done where you just form the bread and put it directly on the parchment paper and move it from the parchment paper onto the baking vessel or sheets. I didn’t know that parchment paper with sturdy enough to do that with. Steve can make a bread maker at anybody no matter who they are!

This video is really informative and I love how he talks and shows on the screen the recipe, you leave it on the screen long enough so you can read it or write it down, and he talks a Corsa narrates well the thing is going.

Busy people can bake this bread because you just barely mix it together, and it proofs for as much as one day.

I’m going to make this bread, and you can vary the flavoring so this. I was going to try adding a little bit of pesto to my loaves.

Paulette Motzko

March 8th, 2016
8:09 a.m.