Polly’s Easy Mushroom and Cheese Ravioli with Pesto Genovese



Next time you want to impress your date- and you don’t cook just make this -and she or he will be wild!

This is created with you prepared products both by the brand Rana, which is the best pasta making company in the world as far as I’m concerned amazing quality.

Rana- Mushroom and cheese ravioli…usually in the fancy deli section

Rana Brand Pesto Genovese.

You can top your cooked ravioli with sautéed mushrooms or just leave plain with some good quality PARMESAN shavings. I used Stella brand.

You can top with a Zucchini Tomato Sauce too like here.

Cook pasta and while the pasta is cooking till Al Dente chop and saute 1 roma tomato 1 zucchini and add it to your sauce pan. Salt a little bit of extra virgin olive oil until tender but not overcooked. A little bit of garlic to it at the end cook a little bit more had a little bit of Italian seasoning to it sea salt or salt if you desire.

Top The Fragrant vegetable mixture on top of the cooked tri-color pasta. I use Corkscrew in my case but you can use any any other kind you want – Wagon Wheels whatever you like…. use what lights your fire and puts a lilt in your step!