Polly’s Baby Tomato, Baby Lettuce & Ancient Grains Salad & Red Wine Honey Dressing


The dressing was mixed up and a few spoons were put in the bottom of an empty Nescaffe coffee jar.

Then I put the baby lettuces on top of it. You can other leftovers to it if you’d like, like leftover steamed veggies.

A handful of heirloom baby tomatoes or grape tomatoes

Small baby lettuce like romaine hearts

Trader Joe’s Super Seed and Ancient Grain Blend- (sprouted buckwheat, sprouted millet,
chia seed, golden flaxseed,
red quinoa, shelled hemp seed and amaranth.)

you’ll find all kinds of uses for this awesome super seed and ancient grain blend you can put it in breads, tossing it into salad, headed into granola and added into hot cereal in the morning, stir it into yogurt and bake with it and amaranth has all the amino acids present. So in 2 tablespoons there’s 130 calories 85 milligrams of potassium 4 grams protein, 4 grams dietary fiber and 2 grams of a mega 3 fatty acids. This is definitely a “Polly’s Picks Product”, and out of 10 possible I rate it a whopping10 with stars!

Honey Red Wine Dressing
Half of a 12 ounce bottle of Honey Tree sugar-free imitation honey Dietetic Honey

2 tablespoons Extra Virgin olive oil or canola oil or a blend of the two
Fill the rest of the bottle with a combination of
Red wine vinegar and
Nakano Seasoned Rice Wine Vinegar with Roasted Garlic

Shake well and squirt on your salads or put in the bottom of a jar and take your salads to go.

Recipe created by Paulette Motzko,
High Definition photos photographed and created by Paulette L , PLM Studios, April 2016

APRIL 4, 2016
12:56 P.M
Updated 10:51 p.m