High Protein Greek Yogurt, Banana Tropical Breakfast Parfaits




Simply just take a parfait glass and take your favorite trail mix, either with fruit or nuts, and put some in the bottom of the glass.

Then add some sliced bananas then put some Greek yogurt on top of that, then some more trail mix, and bananas and then Greek yogurt.

I used 1 cup of Walmart brand Greek yogurt, and I measured it out.
one sliced banana and three tablespoons of a trail mix.

I used 3 tablespoons of Nature’s Harvest trail mix. It has a blend of peanuts, dried cranberries, white confectioner’s drops, dried pineapple, dried papaya, and raisins. You can use anything you want though.

1 cup Walmart Greek Yogurt….one of the best tasting I ever had.

1 banana

3 tablespoons trail mix

You get 20 grams of protein in that one cup of Greek yogurt:

There’s hundred 190 calories,
8 grams fat, 310 milligrams potassium, in that one cup of Greek yogurt.
Plus it’s just awesome tasting and really good for you!

The one the only ingredient that are in it is cultured pasteurized Grade A milk. Great Value brand. It tastes kind of like creme fraiche and has a super fresh flavor with honey or on its own. Polly’sPicks rate it as great as Trader Joe’s.



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