Habits for Cleaning House & Cleaning Routine with Quality vs Quantity- Polly Motzko

This is an outstanding video and I’m doing every one of the things now that she outlines and video.

I didn’t create the video,and I don’t know that I ever thought of creating one, but I’m glad she did.

If some of these tips help you all manage your life better, find what you need faster, which is why I wanted a place that’s organized and I like the look of.

I want to be able to photograph my cooking videos and be able to pan around the place with the video camera and like what I see.

A good way to find out if you like the way your place looks is simply photograph it from every angle.

You can then look at the pictures from your armchair, drinking a cup of coffee or tea, and analyze them.

The first time I did that I immediately saw things I could change I never saw before. I could sit there with a cup of coffee and just look and analyze my place from my “Better Homes and Gardens vantage point.”

From somebody who’s been looking at decorating books and cookbooks and nice kitchens and nice living rooms and things like that like for over 25 years new books, magazines and home shows, your home should be you’re powerless no matter how small. You have to get really invented and ingenious when it comes to making the most of the least. Specially when it comes to living in a smaller place than you’re used to as I did when I first moved to Las Vegas Nevada.

Between my tips and the tips on this YouTube video,I hope that some of them help you allow your surroundings to reflect how you feel. I like not only a beautiful home but I like an organized one.
You can find what you want and there’s never one ounce of hesitancy.

Also another really important element to what I’m saying and also with the YouTube video, is only have in your house which you love, what you need to, and what you use.

If you don’t use it anymore then give it away to someone who could use it. Donate it to somebody who would appreciate it more than you ever could and derive benefit from it.

It’s pretty cool after having some items I’ve had for 20 years to see the look on people’s faces when I’ve given the item away.

Giving something unwanted or simply neglected breathes new life into the object – Beauty book, a photograph or a painting or piece of sheet music that you have memorized. Think about it. And really put some thought into these things and you’ll find that you can change lives with the things you don’t use. Remember, every action has a chain reaction in life be a good, be bad or be it indifferent.

Something old that’s not used of yours transforms to something brand new for someone else.

I have a lot of antiques and things like that and used to go to antique stores, which I don’t go anymore. I just want to enjoy what I now have. There came a point in my life when I realized I had everything I needed and I just want to live and I just want to enjoy it all with wonderful people to share it all with.

Ater my curio cabinet was damaged in the move from California to Las Vegas Nevada, I had a bunch of stuff that was under glass and I never used it.
It just sat there in suspended animation all the time like Museum pieces. Then I remembered my grandmother who had a place that was full of stuff, never used, and it was just like them going into a museum. There’s no point in having things like that.

If what you own genuinely gives you Joy & you use it -and it gets used for the intent that you wanted, or if it’s art piece and you delight in the art then great keep it. However, if not, think about finding a new home for it.

If you can’t use it then and don’t want it, or simply dont care about dusting the thing any longer, then maybe that I didn’t go on a permanent vacation.

You can’t enjoy it all in heaven, so for God’s sake, using things you don’t know because what’s it all for if you don’t?

There will come a point when all that stuff won’t exist because you don’t exist! So get out the fancy China and champagne glasses that you only used for special occasions or your anniversary. Who says that every day is a special occasion?
Everyday is only as special as you make it, right?

Make the most of what you have while you have it. Take care of the things you own and cherish the things you chose to keep.

You’ll have the things you own for years to come, including the people in your life you treat them like you want to be treated too!

I would congratulate the person in the video but I never got her name and I watched it twice. I hope to find that out really soon though because I’m going to take this blog post and send it to her.
Written by Paulette Motzko
April 30th 2016 6:19 a.m.
-9:08 a.m.