Nancy Baggett’s Neopolitan Garlic Herb Pizza Dough or Polly Motzko Garlic Herb Ciabatta & Caprese-Paninis


Rather than baking the dough as several pizzas, I baked all the dough on parchment and baked it at 500 degrees for 25 minutes. It makes a wonderful herbed garlic ciabatta to be thinly sliced to make Caprese-Paninis from it.







Nancy Baggett’s is one of my all time favorite food writers in the world. We have been friends on Facebook since I was living in CA being the caregiver for my mom with Alzheimer’s disease, about to years now.

She is such a warm, wonderful and talented lady in so many areas: cooking, writing, gardening, photography and now with art with her paintings. I have been wowed all of them. Finding all those talents wrapped into one human being is rare. The only two people who come to mind who are multi talented like her are Tony Bennett with with his amazing voice and writing abilities and painting. The other is Herb Alert, who still wows me with his incredible trumpet playing, but I didn’t know he was a sculptor until very recently.

When you so what you love for a living it rejuvenates your whole being. That’s what Nancy Baggett does.

Cheers Nancy! Here’s to many more awesome recipes to come from Polly Motzko!

If you only own one bread making book and you’ve never been skilled at baking anything, make sure and buy Nancy Baggett’s Kneadlessly Simple.

I added my Italian flair to her master “Neapolitan Pizza Dough” adding some garlic and Italian herbs to the pizza dough. You can add different flavors to it I know this would be then be good with like Kalamata olives inside sun-dried tomatoes would be really good in this flatbread.

Well I have a bunch of errands I gotta do today so I gotta wrap this up.

Have a delicious day.

1-1/2 cups each of:

100% whole wheat flour

unbleached all-purpose flour

ice water


1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil or canola oil
SAF brand yeast or fast rising yeast

Nancy used the tablespoon of oil to grease the pans, but I instead, use the oil to enrich the dough -kind of like a fougasse or flavored ciabatta bread.
The dough can then sit on your counter for 4 hours to 24 hours, at room temperature covered. You can then prepare the dough for the second rising and then top with whatever sauce you want, and toppings and then bake in a 500-degree oven for about 7 to 10 minutes. And cool about 5 minutes after the pizza pie is baked.
I’m going to make a vegetarian pizza out of this one with something I saw over to Round Table in Southern California which they don’t have anywhere here they was a pesto covered pizza with artichoke hearts and tri-color peppers and mushrooms and it was out of this world. I loved it better than I like the one with meat on it.

Paulette Motzko
May 2, 2016-May 5th, 2016

All images Photograph by Paulette Motzko, PLM Studios. Las Vegas, Nevada

Recipe adapted from Nancy Baggett’s Neopolitan Pizza Crust in her awesome book “Kneadlessly Simple”