Jerry’s King Sausage, Top Shelf Wine & Spirits & Virgil’s Root Beer with Bavarian Nutmeg




When I went to this extraordinary Gourmet wine, and very high-end alcoholic beverage Emporium yesterday when I met Jerry Kozielec who is the CEO and Executive Chef inside the King Sausage Gourmet food truck. Jerry offers European specialties that are fit for a sit down restaurant.




He was parked in front of Top Shelf Wine and Spirits, at


Jerry began cooking up homemade, additive free Italian sausage and other specialties like the Stuffed Cabbage I savored yesterday evening.

I look forward to sampling all of Jerry’s delicious menu items over time.


The location where he had his food truck parked was at Top Shelf Wine & Spirits on Fort Apache & Sunset.

I couldn’t believe what I saw inside the Top Shelf Wine and Spirits though. This is not your average, run-of-the-mill liquor store. Top Shelf carries very high wines, like what you see in a wine cellar, specialty wines, fortified ones and a few non-alcoholic selections like the one I chose too.

They also sell nice cigars, for those who like good Cuban cigar-like the guy I dated after my divorce to the rocket scientist.

I would love to write a Feature Story about both places, due to their uniqueness. I can 100% hands down, drum up business for them.

Top Shelf Wine and Spirits beats anything I’ve seen in Newport Beach or even Costa Mesa in California. (I grew up in Orange County in Southern California and lived there over 40 years transplanted myself like a flower in the dusty, rocket desert of Las Vegas and will be here two years come June 11th of this year 2016).


I found this extraordinary Artisan root beer from Virgil’s that had nutmeg in it, and it was out of this world.


I like the cute bottle. I’m going to put a flower in it, just because I thought it would add a touch of charm.
I have a designer’s eye. I can’t help it, I was born that way.


I give this 10 out of ten possible -10 + plus. I will also give Jerry’s King Sausage a 10 plus out of 10 best possible.

And for a lady that doesn’t drink smoke or even gamble in Las Vegas, it takes a lot to impress me with the wine and spirit place, -Top Shelf is “Top Notch” and is extraordinary.

They get a 10 + for filling a unique niche of being a purveyor of gourmet wines and spirits and you can find unique things in there to please the non-drinker like my micro brewed root beer with nutmeg too.

All are outstanding.

I don’t run into that too often in my business.

Written by Paulette L Motzko and photography & digital photo editing by Paulette Motzko

Copyright June 2016 1:32 p.m.


If you like root beer want to try something new and unique, this is the ticket for you.

I used to get artisan cream soda and root beers over at The Whole Foods Market in Huntington Beach California.

The Whole Foods Market at The Bell Terra Mall in Huntington Beach has a really nice, classy bar( which is the only kind of walk into), and a wine tasting place built in to it. Pretty cool.
I used to go to and watch the plasma TVs and talk to my friends who work there. The general manager is my friend there in Huntington Beach at The Bell Terra Mall. Pat Cox the GM is an awesome person.

I’ve never seen this for sale anywhere but if you like very good wine high class Top Shelf Wine and Spirits. Check out this place.

I’m putting a picture of it here. Its on the corner of Sunset and Fort Apache in Las Vegas/ Summerlin. If you get to the street coordinates -you’ll be there. You’ll see it on the corner.



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