Tuna Patties with Homemade Corn bread Crumbs


These are so simple and yet so good.

I had some homemade cornbread on hand and so I made crumbs out of some of it, and left the rest to enjoy.

In a small bowl:

Add 1 small can of tuna
7 oz with one egg and about one third cup to one half of corn bread crumbs.
how much bread crumbs is dependent on how to dry your crumbs are.

Add enough crumbs so you can make patties out of the mixture easily and they hold together nicely.

you know you have the right texture when you take a fist full of them and they won’t fall apart when you fry them.

You can also add a little bit of fresh lemon zest to the tuna mixture to give it a wonderful fresh flavor and a little bit of fresh parsley if you like.
Garlic is also a nice touch or Old Bay Seasoning.

The corn bread crumbs gives a sweetness to the tuna patties that crackers does not. So they have a nice sweetness all their own.

Heat a little bit of canola oil to medium to medium-high heat, and then slide in the tuna patties with a spatula.

Doing it in this way prevents you from burning yourself it’s stuttering all over.

Fry on each side until golden brown.

Serve with either tarter sauce, ketchup, salsa or lemon slices.