Miss Polly’s Micro-Cooked Monster Yam & Polly’s I’m a Damn Good Yam Bread

My huge 5 pound yam I found at Cardena’s Grocery Store was scrubbed and then I poked it all over with my sharp paring knife and then baked it for 10 minutes in the microwave on high.

 I then turned it over to bake for another 10 minutes.

 I made slices in it with a sharp knife.

  You can tell it’s cooked throughout when it doesn’t feel firm in the middle. 

I took the cooked parts off and then easily peeled away the skin. 

Then I cooked the biggest part of the yam until it was tender all the way through.

You simply follow this technique for any sweet potato or yam, making knife slots all over for steam to escape.  Then you cook for half the time, turning the yam over.

The cooked yam puree can be used to make any dish that calls for pureed pumpkin. 

You can make yam pancakes, yam pie, yam sweet bread, yam yeast bread or rolls. Anything you bake with purred yams will have a pretty golden color and a nice moistness. You get the idea.


Paulette Motzko

October 15th, 2016

3:50 p.m.


Recipes made with the 5 pounds micro-cooked yam:

  1. I Yam a Damn Good Yam Bread.
  2. To be continued. …

    Updated October 27th 2016 10:30 a.m.