Polly’s Delectably Simple Caprese Open Faced Sandwich on Ciabatta 

This is a stellar example of when vegetarian shines like the most brilliant star in the night sky.   the key that makes this extraordinary is great ingredients period when you’re using only the most fresh and highest quality ingredients, the dish will shine with very little work from you.

All you will need are the best, freshest ciabatta rolls you can find. Walmart buy me actually make some phenomenal ones that are better than some I’ve had it Italian delis.

The biggest, most juicy, ripe tomatoes you can find

Pesto sauce, homemade or bought

Fresh mozzarella

Fresh basil leaves

To assemble all you do is just spread some of the pesto sauce on the ciabatta bread. Slice the tomatoes thinly and top with tomato slice, fresh mozzarella slice and fresh basil and a little bit drizzle of Pesto, garnishing with fresh basil leaves.