Easy Adapted Heat and Eat Healthy Fajitas (Microwave Lowfat Version)

I took my rotisserie chicken I cooked in my Cuisinart convection oven rotisserie, took the meat off of it, and put the defatted chicken broth in mason jars to use in soups and in rice.

I’ve been to some McCormick Organics non-GMO gluten-free fajita seasoning mix that I got on Walmart.com and added one fourth cup water and 2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil to the seasoning. I mix that thoroughly and then coated the rotisserie chicken with it and then put it in a mason jar overnight, so that the flavors & seasonings could really flavor the chicken. ( this is not how they say they do it on the package, which is done with chicken tenders that are raw and you use the seasoned marinade while you cook the chicken. I already had cooked the rotisserie chicken, so I thought I would try this method, and it came out really well.

I julienned  three peppers – red, yellow, and orange, along with my bag of romaine hearts lettuce. I chopped it all up and made it so that I could make salads easily. 

Great thing about storing your food in mason jars is it keeps it really fresh, unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and you can see it really easy and they store efficiently. I’ll be doing it this way from now on. It also guarantees you use your produce.

 Having one person which is just me to cook for, quite often I was throwing too much produce away because it just was going bad exclamation point I can’t afford to throw food away, nor do I want to. 

This way you meet at least see what you have and they can store in the side of the fridge or on the refrigerator shelves.

 You can put all your ingredients together that should be using for the dish so all you have to do is just basically throw it together very easily when time is precious.

I used my mother’s beautiful stoneware Ramekin with strawberries honor that she cherished and they were used but I use and cherish I think of her and smile. 

I added some cooked, converted rice in the bottom of the Ramekin, along with about a cups worth of the tricolor julienne peppers, and then I sprayed some non aerosol extra virgin olive oil spray by Bertolli all over the peppers.

 This way it gives them a nice drizzle of oil that evenly cooks them in the pan and they will brown and sizzle better in the microwave.

 I cooked them for 2 minutes on high in the microwave then I added the marinated cooked chicken on top of that and cooked additional minute.

 You can adjust that if your microwave cooks faster or you want to use presets on it.
Then you could saute some purple onion also and add to the fajita period; I just really didn’t feel like crying! (My eyes water really bad sometimes when I chop onions!)

 My allergies were kind of bugging me all day, so I really didn’t feel like getting out this chef knife and chopping and the things. It was really good with the colorful, sweet peppers though.

Recipe and photos by Paulette Motzko, March 2017.