Baked Falafel Using a Copper Chef Bake Instead of Fry Pan

Just make the Amisa-brand organic gluten-free falafel mix just as it says on the box, and instead of frying in a fry pan, bake in a 375-degree oven for 10 minutes in a Copper Chef brand bake instead of fry pan as I call it. Look at how they’re doing and then gently turn them over with tongs. And let them bake another 10 minutes at 375. When they’re the dentist that you like then serve with either  hummus,  pita bread, or in my case, I made a nice tomato and cucumber salad to garnish it and added a dollop of Greek yogurt. I put mine on a Thomas multigrain 100 calorie English muffin.


I enjoy these heck of a lot more than making the homemade ones almost! I always like baking instead of frying if I can.

Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko on July 20th 2017 at 

10:36 a.m.

Photography and recipe by Paulette Motzko.

Updated on July 27th, 2017.