Polly’s Cool Summer Raspberry Spritzer

All you do is take some raspberry Torani sugarfree syrup (or you can use the regular one), put one or two tablespoons of the Torani syrup in an ice filled goblet or glass and then fill the rest with either Pellegrino or Perrier-,as I used here. 

It depends on if you like Italian better if you like the French mineral water. I personally like both of them, depending on what mood I’m in.

Years ago when I frequented the Starbucks at Bella Terra where I used to go all the time, I had people taking orders for what I call the Italian spritzer. It’s pretty funny, because people saw me go out with the pretty, fizzy drink and wanted one as theit heads turned. The next thing you know, Mayhew was taking orders for my Italian Spritzers!

 Pellegrino with some raspberry Torani in it is great because it’s not that too sweet and it looks really pretty in a wine goblet or a glass. 

Recently I contacted the company Torani and I bought all the syrups that I’d always wanted but never really got. I got a great discount when you go right through Torani.com and got 15% off of sugar free mango and peach, which are awesome in iced tea and gives a nice tropical flavor to it.

 I ordered all sugar-free syrups and you cannot tell the difference between them and regular.

Torani also makes a brown sugar cinnamon one that I put in my oatmeal to jazz it up in the morning or I take a large cinnamon stick and use that as my spoon in my large mug of coffee in the morning.

I always left to myself when I tell people I don’t smoke, drink or gamble and it’s funny to see their eyes bug out in astonishment here Las Vegas. 

They usually look at me like I’m from Mars or something, specially when I add that I don’t gamble either. 

There are plenty of excellent virgin drinks that you can have that are exciting and wonderful.

 Try this at your next party when you run into somebody doesn’t drink. I guarantee that all the people who do drink alcohol will be wanting the virgin ones instead!

 I lovingly make myself with my Ninja Coffee Bar I bought myself for Christmas.  

Written by & photography by Paulette L Motzko. 

Copyright July 2017, PLM Studios