Watch “Bissell Crosswave Multi Surface Cleaner Demonstration Review” on YouTube

You’re all asking why in the world is there something that appears to be a vacuum carpet cleaner add on a cooking site? Well, the answer to that is – if you cook- and I do- you make messes! 

I have never made the kind of messes that they show in the demonstrations on the Bissell crosswave YouTube videos though! 

I was going to buy a new vacuum cleaner one that was lightweight and easy to maneuver because unfortunately I have arthritis in my hands! I also was going to hire a carpet cleaner to do my place here in Las Vegas. 

This new kind of combination  floor cleaner/rug cleaner  is historic in the sense that it can save you a ton of work, you can probably throughout your stupid mops with all those buckets save your back from back pain from bending over and just get things done more efficiently.

I really don’t want to hire a maid. I would rather be my own CEO of my small castle and be the botter washee, save a ton of moolah-and with the money I saved from not hiring that maid service, go on a trip to CA!

 The Bissell crosswave has two different receptacles inside -the machine one is dirty water the other is Cclean cleaning solution. At this point in my life, I’m very picky about what I get when I buy I do a ton of research on it. Then I think about it a thousand times before I validate any purchase! 

I watched it pick up egg shells, which I’ve never dropped and all my years of cooking, but it’s nice to know it could do it. 

I’ve seen it do area rugs that are large. I’ve seen the thing go from a flat surface to a carpet and that would help me tremendously in my place. I could do my small area floors like my bathroom my whole very easily and I wouldn’t have to get out a back breaking mop and it would eliminate me having a bend over so much which kills my back. 

So on the infomercial that I saw on cable yesterday the thing basically goes for $250 of which they have you make 5 payments.

 It was cheaper on the infomercial then it was on Amazon amazingly and they didn’t carry it on Walmart website. 

It’s a much better deal going through the Bissell company because they give you a whole bunch of other free attachments and things that would cost quite a bit of money.

So, if I save you some time, which is the most valuable thing you’ll ever possess in your life, you can take that time you would have spent breaking your back with a mop to do other things can’t you? 

I know I can!. 

You can’t even get a good vacuum for the price of this thing -and it’s nice to know that one appliance would do it all

I watched a guy in England named Isaac do an incredible floor demonstration where he had a bunch of garbage dried on his floor for a week- which I could never have done. The Croas Wave went over it amazingly, He was genuinely shocked and so was I after seeing the video. Bissell provided the cleaner for that demonstration he did on his blog. 

After being married to a real rocket scientist for 15 years, I had to see other videos to see what other people said about the product before I thought about it. Every single YouTube video that I saw- by just ordinary people-you, me -all said it was phenomenal and I watched the thing work. So I’m getting it and then I don’t have to hire a carpet cleaner.

 Another thing I liked about the product it was very easy to use. I wear Progressive bifocals and sometimes it’s hard for me to read things in small print and I have to fiddle around with knobs etc on gadgets due to having arthritis in my hands. I don’t want to keep restating but, when you have limited mobility in your hands some things you   do are difficult or near impossible, so you adapt how you do things. 

Good news is: All the working parts of the Bissell Crosswave come apart very easily and are very user-friendly and the print on the machine is very large. 

This is great for senior citizens like me 55 years young, people who are older who they don’t want to hire people to come clean for him which I would prefer not to.

So, this thing would be a number one hit with my ex-husband the rocket scientist and this is like something he would have designed actually that he would have approved.

I’m going to print this now but I’m going to be rechecking for typos. Quite often when I use the vocal recognition software and even spell check on my phablet, typos come through so I have to recheck it 20 times before getting it the way I want.

 Written by Paulette Motzko.

Image from Pinterest.

Wednesday August 16th 2017 at 10:23 a.m.