Easy Won Ton (Potsticker) Soup

8 Ling Ling Asian Kitchen  free range  raised without antibiotics chicken and vegetable dumplings .  Ready in 10 minutes  with no preservatives or artificial colors

 They can be used as either potstickers/won tons. ( I found mine on Amazon Prime now.)

Pour a 1 quart carton of Pacific Brand organic vegetable stock intof a medium sized stock pot or deep skillet and turn the heat to high until the stock starts to boil. 

Add in 8 pots tickers, the spinach, broccoli and sesame oil and cook to a boil then turn down the heat and simmer about 8 to 10 minutes.

For variations-You can also add in any of these, taking into account using a larger cooking pot.

Jumbo cooked shrimp, edamame, Chinese pea pods, minced garlic and ginger.

About two cups of organic baby spinach

That 1-1/2 cups of organic broccoli florets
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