Greek Style Microwave Mini-Quiches for 1 or 2

The easy how to coming soon!

Feta cheese-2 Tablespoons

Cage free brown eggs-3

Organic baby spinach leaves or organic kale-about 1/4 cup

Nonfat milk, unsweetened West Soy Soymilk-whichever you prefer about 1 tablespoon milk product to one egg. If you didn’t want to use eggs out of an eggshell the way nature made him you could use egg substitute as and just substitute 3/4 cup of egg substitute for the three eggs.

2% evaporated milk can be substituted also to make a richer quiche.


Shown here with Fruit Ambrosia and Chicken & Apple Sausages.

Recipe will be coming soon! Stay tuned!

Recipe and photography by Paulette L. Motzko

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