Easier-than-you-Think Spinach Ravioli with Shrimp and Pine Nuts Drizzled with Pesto

Per serving

3 oz Ranna ricotta and spinach ravioli

3 oz of cooked to veined medium-sized shrimp with tail on I got mine at Walmart in the freezer section

One tablespoon of pine nuts

Two tablespoons of Ranna Basil Pesto

So the shrimp by running them under cold water for a short time.

If you have an electric water kettle like I do, you can expedite the boiling of the pasta in record time.

Once the water boils, then simply added to a medium-size saucepan. 

Take the thawed shrimp and ravioli and cook it until Al Dente and until the shrimp is warm and tender. 

Drizzle with however much basil pesto that you like.

 I used 2 tablespoons because heck it’s my birthday. 

All my friends had to work this evening and the wind is blowing like a bat out of hell outside and my foot hurts a little bit from walking and access many miles this week so I’m just doing a rain check and I’ll eventually go out with my friends; I’m not worried about it.

Besides, it’s nice staying home watching a nice movie I’m hearing the wind whipped around outside, now that I got on my plants inside , after they were blown all over the place yesterday ! 

What I made was way healthier and better for me and cheaper than if I had gone out.

This takes no time at all to prepare and is easy for anybody, no matter what you’re cooking level. The thing about it is it’s pretty impressive when you get it done.

Guys you can impress your lady friends by making them this, they’ll think you’re a gourmet cook!

Written by Paulette Motzko and images photographed by Paulette Motzko.

August 31st 2017 at 10:23 p.m.