Watch “How To Preserve Herbs in Ice Cubes” on YouTube by Garden Girl & Other Ideas by Polly Motzko

Bravo to the Garden girl! 

I didn’t realize until very recently that there were so many varieties of every herb, and this last year I’ve invested in sand non-GMO really high-quality open-pollinated herbs from the Sustainable Seed Company. I discovered them on Amazon Prime, where you can get just about anything extraordinary prices. I have went Earth I’m growing in the window it’s doing very well in a self-watering planter. I’ve got my miniature spinach growing and also a miniature kale growing in a self watering pot along with some succulents that don’t take much water and I’m very very keen eye and gentle touch to make sure you’re not over-watering them.

 I was looking through the various YouTube videos to see what cooks it done all over the world, I noticed that there were people who were preserving herbs in olive oil as well. Well that would be good if you were adding into a pasta sauce a nice marinara sauce homemade then that would be cool. I can picture some flavor combinations of fresh oregano and basil and possibly a little bit of Rosemary in there. Rosemary isn’t one of my favorite herbs in terms of the flavor, but I love the way it looks on a plate as garnish.

At any rate, I love this idea thought you would too. 

Another thing you can do in the summer or any time of year citrus is awesome you can take some fresh lemons, oranges, or limes and chop them up and add them to ice cube trays with either water or let’s say brewed iced tea of your choice. Then makes the drink prettier and more flavorful. Have a delicious day!

Text written by Paulette Le Pore Motzko.

Paulette L. Motzko, PLM Studios, Las VEGAS, NV. 

 Friday September 15th 2017 at 10:01 a.m.