Salad of Baby Spinach and Romaine Hearts Lettuce with Tuna, Egg and Cannellini Beans Drizzled with  Asian Sesame Ginger Dressing

  • Two cups organic romaine hearts lettuce turn up with your hands
  • 2 cups organic baby spinach leaves
  • Two hard boiled eggs, cut up
  • One package of starkist low sodium tuna in vegetable broth
  • Low sodium washed and  drained cannellini beans – (or better yet just simply soak a cheap bag of cannellini beans overnight and cook them yourself and freeze them. You can control all the sodium in them and they’re better quality product than the ones you buy in the store and farless sodium no sodium if you don’t have salt. Then you simply put them in freezer bags and use them when you want.)
  • Few tablespoons of Paul Newman’s fat Asian sesame ginger dressing

Simply rip up the lettuce and baby spinach put in a very large bowl and top with the chopped egg, the tuna, and white beans and drizzle with the dressing. Other additions that you can add or feta cheese, which would be good and diced tomato.

Recipe by Paulette Motzko.

Photography in digital photo Arts by Paulette L. Motzko, 

PLM Studios, Las Vegas, Nevada. Copyright October 2017