All About Superfine Sugar Tip | Bakepedia

A shortbread cookie recipe called for something called “berry sugar” in the recipe and I never heard of that before. 

In my research, I found out that berry sugar is the same as superfine sugar, and dissolves instantly in meringues and is used in things like shortbread to make it even more tender. It’s also used in Sugar covered berries and flowers making it to where it will dissolve instantly . I guess bartenders like it too.

So as I learn, I like to share what I learned with all my followers on my various websites. 

I hope you had a very fun and safe Halloween if you live in the United States. Oddly enough, no kids to came to my door for candy. They all went to some of the big events that they did for kids here in Las Vegas, which was awesome. I’m glad they were in a safe environment with her parents.  One can never be too careful these days. is a very informative website for anybody loves baking by the way.

 You have to check it out!
Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko.

 November 1st 2017.

 9:15 p.m.