Natural Cultured Products You Make at Home Using

I discovered this wonderful company when I bought my Bulgarian yogurt starter to go along with my yogurt maker. I found it on Amazon Prime.

Then I wanted to make my own mozzarella, which is on my list-but I have the culture in my pantry waiting for “Mozzarella Making Day.”

Tonight I was reading how to make my own feta cheese, since I love Greek dishes Mediterranean dishes and Middle Eastern dishes so much. Spinikopeta and the combination of spinach with feta cheese is one of my favorites flavor combinations. 

So when you buy the feta starter cultures from the CulturesFromHealth folks, you get eight packets of culture with the kit. I got some butter muslin, liquid vegetarian rennet and non iodized cheesemaking salt from Amazon tonight. Amazon just has to be a fabulous place to get any specialized items, especially with the Prime Membership, since shipping is free.

Then, with some goat milk I will be enjoying my own feta cheese. It’s way easier than making Greek.yogurt with less hands on time. 

So, I already know the dish I will be creating with my home made feta cheese in my mind’s eye.

Stay tuned and you’ll see soon!

Written and compiled by Paulette Motzko.

November 1st 2017. 9:57 p.m.