Homemade Yogurt- The New Instant Pot Duo Yout Setting Didn’t Work. I am sending it back and keeping last year’s model.

Recipe will appear by tomorrow. It takes over 8 hours.

December 3rd 2017 4:47 p.m.

On the evening of December 5th 2017 I’ll merely say that they made some good changes to the Machine by allowing you to see the progress of the cooker and what it’s doing. The bad side is that yogurt setting I ran it 3 times and it never brought the milk up to the 180 degrees it was supposed to be at.

  It wasnt even as thick as kefir.

So I’m sorry folks, after that big build-up and saying how great it was, the main reason I wanted it was because it had the yogurt feature built into it and some other modifications that they had made as well. 

I’ve got it in the box with the packing and I’ll be sending it back very soon to get a refund from Amazon. Last year’s model works just fine; it doesn’t have the yogurt feature on it and has a much longer cord on it, which I like.