AGAVE OR HONEY Star in Training | Articles | Food Network

After reading this very informative awesome article, honey and Agave both have their merits. What I love about Agave is it has a neutral flavor and I can substitute it and anything and you really can’t tell.  Plus when substituting Agave for sugar, it has really no flavor at all, unlike honey, and you use way less of it. Plus Agave has the added bonus of having a way lower glycemic index.

This article is wonderful when you read it in-depth because it tells you how much in recipes he will use a both Agave or honey in recipes and what steps you have to make to swap them out instead of using sugar.

I think they all have their pros and cons all sweeteners to and should all be used in moderation.

Text written by Paulette Motzko from the Food Network Magazine.

December 8th 2017. 11:12 a.m.