Watch “How to Use the Instant Pot Duo Plus” on YouTube

Note: since this video was shared I tried the new Duo model out and the yogurt function didn’t work even after 3 attempts and follow it exactly as it said using a very good digital thermometer and also two very good Bulgarian yogurt culture. I have since got my money back yesterday from Amazon for it. My review on the instant pot is it’s awesome but I have the older model the last year’s model I can look up the stock number and put it on here if anybody wants to know but it’s not the latest one that duo it’s the one that doesn’t have the yogurt function on it.

I bought last year’s model of Instant Pot for about $100 on a rollback deal on It was perplexing to me when I cooked with it because I could never tell what the machine was doing. 

The numbers of last year”s model were a little hard for me to read, and being I am new to pressure cooking,  I never quite knew if it had started cooking and how much more time was left on it.

 (I accidentally programmed a minestrone soup recipe for 4 hours rather than 10 minutes!)

The new model Instant Pot Duo Plus 60- has big readout, and has way more choices to cook from in the best part of it is it has a status indicator that tells every single stage what the cooker is doing the entire time it‘s cooking. That was the selling point for this appliance for me. It is night and day different and much easier to use, and cook’s yogurt too.

It cooks 70% faster and you can control with the sauté function high heat and a lower heat sauté feature now. 

The 9 inch heavy lid is nice and sturdy and will seal in the juices and flavors of your food when slow cooking.

I only wish they had left the cord long like last year’s model. I don’t know what engineer thought a shorter cord was a good thing! 😉

It now has a lid holder that saves space and keeps that counter top clean.

It has a yogurt maker feature built right into it, which was one of the big sales for me. You can make any kind of yogurt in it even soy yogurt or let’s say almond milk yogurt.

The slow cooker function now has a high-tech slow cooking with five additional settings on it.

 You can sterilize pasteurize milk sterilize utensils bottles and more.

I bought the 6 quart one and got the additional glass lid made for it when I slow cook.

I got mine through Amazon Prime and can’t wait to familiarize myself with it and start cooking!

I searched this YouTube video created by the makers of The Instant Pot for myself but thought I would share it with all of you too. I am making no money sharing this, just sharing a cool, efficient cooking medium maybe you haven’t seen or heard of, like a “culinary show and tell”.

Written, compiled and images by Paulette Motzko.

Updated November 30th 2017. 

12:25 pm.