Cold Brewed Coffee: “Latte” by Baking Bytes & Polly’s Almond Milk Latte with Coffee Concentrate in French Press

For coffee concentrate recipe refer to the recipe before this one.

My version was greatly simplified by using a simple French Press maker, therefore not needing the coffee sock any other kinds of apparatus that was in the original.

I also used decaf Maxwell House for my ground coffee, so I could drink it throughout the day, and it wouldn’t make me wired.

I substituted for dairy milk Blue Diamond unsweetened almond milk and even though it’s not in the picture, I added some to Torani- sugar-free vanilla syrup to it, one pumps worth.

I also found that it was the right strength after about 7 hours. I didn’t want to do it a couple days.

You simply just take one cup of ground coffee of your choice and fill the rest with filtered water to the top of a French press maker.

You can add in however much proportions of the coffee concentrate to either regular milk, soy milk, or my particular favorite was Blue Diamond unsweetened almond milk.

If you use the vanilla variety, it’s going to be much sweeter. I like to control what type of sweetener is in my milk and also the amount of it. Plus when I buy the unsweetened version I can use it all kinds of recipes