Spinach Tortellini and Lemon Ricotta Ravioli with Garlic Herb Butter Sauce and Parmesan.

This is just something I whipped up yesterday from my freezer assets as I call them.

All I did was take a little bit of spinach tortellini, lemon ricotta ravioli, Earth Balance vegan butter spread & minced garlic to taste, Mrs. Dash salt free Italian seasoning to taste, good quality Parmesan cheese 2 top as garnish.

If you had it, which I did not, add in some shredded mozzarella in between layers of the cooked pasta.

The steam from the pasta will melt the mozzarella almost instantly

I simply cooked the ravioli and tortellini together in the same nonstick skillet, checking with my long handled bamboo wire mesh strainer- that is super awesome for cooking pasta dishes- is they were cooking, removing them as they were done.

Once I mixed all of them margarine with the salt free Italian seasoning blending it throughout the dish, I microwaved the Parmesan for only a few seconds so it would melt.

These are the kind of recipes I just throw together in a daily basis, and half of them I never think about printing. The funny thing is, it’s recipes like this one that get the most hits on the site.

Have a super delicious day from Polly Motzko!

Recipe and images by Paulette L.Motzko,

PLM Studios,

Las Vegas, Nevada. Copyright July 2018