Whole Wheat Macaroni and Cheddar with a Coconut Flour Roux

If you used gluten free pasta, this would be a gluten free dish and pretty damn good too!

  • Cook up some whole wheat Corkscrew pasta that’s high in protein or some gluten free pasta or ordinary elbow macaroni, about 3 or 4 cups worth.
  • For the sauce pour in 2/3 cup of Carnation evaporated milk in with
  • 2 tablespoons of very finely ground organic coconut flour and
  • 2 tablespoons of either Earth Balance vegan spread or high quality margarine.
  • Blend thoroughly, stirring continuously on low heat, until the coconut flour thickens the evaporated milk making a nice sauce, until the coconut flour blends thickening the white sauce and dissolving completely.
  • Once all of the coconut flour has been dissolved into the hot evaporated milk, mixed with margarine or butter,
  • Add in 1 or 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese, stirring continuously, on low heat.
  • Wait until all of the cheddar cheese is melted in the white sauce and then pour over the drained pasta, blending completely.
  • You can add some additional cheddar cheese on top for garnish and also to make it more cheesy like molten lava.
  • I also added some more evaporated milk to the macaroni and cheese, so it would have a nicer consistency. Just add in as much of evaporated milk as you want, to make the sauce either as thin or thick you like.
  • Another nice addition is some drained water-packed tuna or salmon.

The brand of organic coconut flour that I bought was Anthony’s via Amazon.

You can use it as you would all purpose flour, but you’ll have to adjust the recipe accordingly when you use it.

Recipe and photographs by Paulette Motzko.