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If you want a high protein breakfast but don’t want too much, I love my microwave egg poachers that shape the egg perfectly for views in an English muffin or a whole wheat muffin, but all you do is add some cheddar cheese slice or even Swiss cheese, put a little mayo on it, or honey mustard and all the ingredients on this dish and you got a awesome homemade Egg Muffin sandwich that you can take with you.

Poached egg-40 seconds in microwave on high

Grilled ham, sauteed in a nonstick skillet, which has the same nice flavor is bacon but with way less fat and sodium.-grilled about 2 or 3 minutes on high heat

You could also make your choice of hot cereal like oatmeal or another good one I like, that takes way longer to make is Bob’s Red Mill Mighty Tasty Gluten-free Hot Cereal.

I had that with my tiny footprint coffee in a French press maker today.

What dishes are you making in your part of the world today?

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A photo of me taken by my friend Vince at

The Stratosphere, a place I love and wish wasn’t so far from me. You wouldn’t believe all the things they have hidden inside that place! It’s very deceptive in there. People just see the huge, very high end restaurant twirling around on top, but they have like an emtire ecosystem inside there:Michael Jackson Tribute Concert Theater, awesome shows, fantastic restaurants and nice people too. One of my favorite places in the “Neon Desert”, as I call Las Vegas.

Whatever is on your to do list today, make sure you put on there- do something wonderful and memorable too!

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