Polly’s Southwestern Chipotle Fajita Pie

This recipes is bit different, but the sauce was so damn good I was liking the spoon! The leftover sauce you can spoon over enchiladas, tacos, and then the other kind of Mexican and or Southwestern dish you like. You’ll have close to a quart Mason Jar full after assembling the pie.

It’s a great way to use up leftovers in your fridge- which motivated me to make this today.

You can vary this a whole bunch of ways by changing the cheeses you use and you could also sub in grilled marinated chicken for the ground turkey, if it floated your boat!


Recipe and images by Paulette “Polly” Motzko.

Copyright August 16th 2018. 5:20 p.m.

  1. Simply cook 1 lb of ground turkey with 2 tablespoons of Cost Plus fajita seasoning mix in a non-stick pan or is I did in a porcelain covered cast iron skillet.
  2. Once the turkey is cooked then top with this ultra easy but darn good sauce.
  3. CHIPOTLE FAJITA TACO ENCHILADA SAUCE- 2 14 oz. cans Muir Glen tomato sauce plus 2 more tablespoons of the cost-plus fajita seasoning with a sprinkling of Mrs. Dash Chipotle chili southwestern salt-free seasoning.
  4. Top the cooked turkey with some of the sauce.
  5. Top that with some fat-free refried beans
  6. Top that with some Monterey Jack cheese or mozzarella cheese or cheddar, whichever you like
  7. Top that with four crescent rolls that are smashed together into a ball and then into a Topper to fit the casserole dish. Or you can use all 8 crescent rolls and use it as the top for a large 9-inch Skillet size you can either brush that with butter leave it plain or sprinkle it with more of the chipotle seasoning like I did.
  8. Bake at 375 degrees for about 15 minutes until the top is baked and nicely Brown.